A laser beam travels through optical elements, it is dispersed by a prism into three colors.

Ultrafast Soft


Fig. 1. Evolution of the Pulse spectrum during propagation through consecutiveparts of the fiber laser oscillator.

UPPL is a 1+1D (z + t) ultrashort pulse propagation library for National Instruments LabView users. It is specifically designed for fiber laser oscilators modeling but it can as well be used for simulation of supercontinuum generation or other linear and nonlinear processes.

The library is based on solving the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with:

Fig. 3. Sample fiber oscillator constructed with help of UPPL.
Fig. 2. Sample LABView block diagram for a fiber oscillator.

UPPL related news

Fiber Supercontinuum

The all-PM-fiber oscillator developed in Laser Centre will be used as a source for in fiber supercontinuum generation. (more)
Meet us at PKO2015
Tomasz Kardaś will be at Polish Optical Conference in Legnica with a talk on Hussar. He will also present a poster about UPPL and our software working in real time on a tablet PC. You can meet him during poster session.
Meet us at CLEO/Europe
Yuri Stepanenko and Jan Szczepanek will be there at CLEO/Europe in Munich with our software doing real time simulation (UPPL) on a tablet PC. You can meet them on 24.06 between 1 and 2 pm in the hall B0, next to the CF-P.8 poster by Jan.
UPPL 0.5 version premiere this month
The premiere of the UPPL verion 0.5 will take place till the end of this month. We still debate on whether you'll have to fill some form or send an e-mail to get it though. (more)