A laser beam travels through optical elements, it is dispersed by a prism into three colors.

Ultrafast Soft

New Power Range
Visualization of the 3+1D simulation of OPCPA.
Tomasz Kardaƛ and Yurij Stepanenko with OPCPA.

New Power Range for Laser Center OPCPA

The Terawatt OPCPA is a modeling challenge. The amplified pulse is both broadband (~300 nm) and long (~ 1 ns) as a result the requirements on the RAM are high. The non-colinear geometry of the amplifier requires at least 2+1D simulation. Fortunately Hussar is able of performing just that.

The spectral band and the time window enforces use of 250 000 time points. With 128 spatial points the simulation requires less than 30 GB of RAM and a single pass through 10 mm crystals can be calculated within 30 minutes.

The design is now done, thus, wait for our new experimental construction.

OPCPA in Laser Center (IChF PAN).